Posted by: mistyp0079 | February 6, 2011

Jackpot Johnnie Mae goes to Broadway 320 Internet Cafe – Cleveland, OH

Jackpot Johnnie Mae and I took another road trip and this time to Broadway 320 Cafe.  It’s located in a shopping plaza on 320 Broadway Avenue, Bedford, OH although the internet also shows the address as Cleveland.  We found a parking space in the parking lot in front of the building.  We trudged through the icy parking lot and went into the building to start our internet cafe experience.

Broadway 320 Cafe is true to its word as far as decor.  This place reminds you of a nightclub.  It has purple sky lighting with red soft lighting around the back wall.  There are seven poles with four internet stations around these poles card table style.  Each pole is decorated with Christmas lighting twisting down each pole.  The walls are rust colored with black trim, which compliments the soft tone of the lighting.  Jackpot wallpaper is along one of the walls similar to Winzone.  There is a big screen TV and a smaller TV below it which announces special drawings.  Large soft bluish purple street lights are around the room with bluish purple lantern shades on the ceiling.

A mix of R & B music was playing to the mixed crowd of seniors and blue/white-collar workers.  Broadway 320 Cafe draws a nice crowd.  Although the atmosphere reminds you of a New York discotheque with old-fashioned city street lights, Broadway 320 promotes a relaxed environment to play internet sweepstakes games.  They have an ATM machine and sweepstakes rules are clearly posted in front of the cashier’s window.

Jackpot Johnnie Mae and I signed a paper and were made Tel-connect cards.  Broadway 320 Cafe has the same games as Mega Play Cafe and Pete’s Internet Cafe in Eastlake.  Their promotion is 500 points for $20.00 of phone time and 1000 points for $50.00 of phone time. They also have other prizes and promotions posted.  Kameka was our cashier and she was very friendly as was the rest of the staff.  They offer additional parking on the side and the rear of the building.

They have about 50 internet stations.   Each internet station is new with new monitors and comfortable chairs.  The mouse is cordless and internet access is easy to use.   They have a new game called “The Game Show Game.”  I played a few rounds of that and other Tel-connect favorites.

Hand sanitizer is located over each internet quad and prevalent throughout the cafe.  The staff is well-trained in providing good customer service.  Evidence of that was watching Sam assist people with their coats, open doors, clean the kitchen area, use lots of hand sanitizer before serving food, and remove clutter for customers.  The staff is very conscious of keeping the place clean as I watched them running around with spray bottles and towels wiping down internet stations.  The bathroom is spick-and-span and painted a rust color with the door painted black.  Don from Surf City would be proud of the low germ count.

The kitchen area is in front of the cafe.  They have both a microwave and ice/water machine.  Complimentary hot dogs, chips, coffee and soft drinks are available.  They have both Pepsi and Coke products.  They have Vernor’s Ginger Ale and I hadn’t seen that in years.  They should think about supplying lids for the drinks as it can help to reduce accidental spills.  The snack area has three tables and a few chairs for those who want to take a break.  On the tables are menus from local restaurants The Dog House and Zeppe’s Pizza.  Dinner was a catered pasta with salad and bread sticks.   The food was delicious and comparable to Bubba’s cooking from Cafe Magic.

This internet cafe is a good recommend for those who are in the area and want the feel of the night life without actually becoming a part of it.  The cafe is very roomy and the air quality is good even when crowded.



  1. Broadway 320 Cafe is racist against their white customers. I was harassed by the manager Stephanie for taking a smoke break too long and not allowed back inside because someone wanted the machine I was on and complained to her and she revoke my membership. If you want to be treated right don’t go to Broadway 320 Cafe, the employees rig every contest they have for their friends to win. I witnessed this happening back in August 2011 Jennifer had her friend win a 32 inch tv and the other cashier Dominique had her girlfriend take the tv out to their friends car. When management isn’t present they rig the contests. Also that computer generated number picker is also rigged. OH yeah by the way when you win the sweepstakes amount you’ll get screwed out of alot of money. Their machines are so tight they don’t pay. stay out of this place, Stephanie the manager is a fat pig…

    • Jack:

      I wanted to take the time to edit your comments before publishing. I do understand your frustration when playing the internet games. With so many cafes in the metro Cleveland area, I’ve tried to list others that have similar games so that if one place doesn’t meet your customer needs then other places are available hopefully in close proximity to where you live. All of these games are going to have some form of risk because the owners still have to meet overhead expenses, utilities, employee wages, taxes, etc. This is why some cafes offer other services in order to be able to stay open.

      To address your concerns about the rigging of contests, I’m sure that there is a certain percentage of “questionable” practices that occurs in the industry but for the most part cafe owners want their customers to have an enjoyable experience because they want repeat business. I would imagine that it would be no issue with your smoke break if you came to visit at a time that wasn’t peak or the cafe wasn’t full. If you were on the other side of the equation and saw empty chairs and you were waiting to play, you would want the management to justify why the chair is empty and how long before that person comes back. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and I hope that I addressed all of your concerns. Take care and good luck!

  2. Good Day to all my internet groupies and sweepstakes junkies. Yesterday, at noon, was my 2nd visit to the 320 Internet Cafe. The staff was pleasant, the food was edible (meatballs and stuffing), but the machines were tight

  3. I cohersed my friend into returning on Tuesday night for the tournament (4 people competing against each other on the same game for 10 minutes and at the end, the person with the most money, wins the cash money). This is to take place every hour from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. There were only 2 tournaments much to my amasement, a sign is posted that says it from 7:00 p.m. to 12 midnight on Tuesdays. Dominque, one of the staff, stated that she had to wait on a phone call from her supervisor to proceed with the tournament, there were approxiamently 10-15 people waiting patiently for the game to begin, but I was told that there has to be a certain number of people present to proceed with the game. The question of the day is: How many people need to be present to do the tournament? I called the Mentor-On-The-Lake office on Wednesday morning around 12:35 a.m. and the staff there said if there’s 2 people present the game goes on as scheduled. Is the tournament a hoax? Please show me in writing where there has to be a certain number of people present to proceed with the game, if not, this just false advertising.

  4. been to broadwy 320 plenty of times and there are a ton of places that have the teleconnect games and that 50 for extra 10 which is really only 5 extra but your paying and 30 for that 5 when you can come back the next day and get the 20 with 5 and save yourself 10 bucks. The spinners on mentor their staff sucks ladies stamped my card ( this is the promo i like ) first time then gave me a hard time when I came in and had 2 stamps on my card one whi ch they gave me the week before plus ive never hit there

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