Posted by: mistyp0079 | January 7, 2011

Jackpot Johnnie Mae explains the differences between internet sweepstakes cafes and casinos

At present, I’ve visited a few casinos and several internet cafes with my mother Jackpot Johnnie Mae as well as on my own.  For those who have never frequented an internet cafe or casino, there are a few differences that are apparent when playing at either place.  Playing at a casino has advantages as well as playing at internet cafes.  I’m not advocating that casinos are better than internet cafes or vice versus but the objectives of casinos and cafes are geared toward different types of customers. 

Casinos are designed to have a huge amount of space to host all the slot machines, game tables, restaurants, etc. Because of all they have to offer, they have a large overhead to maintain.  Internet cafes have a much smaller overhead because they can rent a small office space almost anywhere they can legally operate including strip malls or private property.

Internet cafes are flexible to offer free food, snacks and refreshments.  Many cafes can offer these amenities due to the smaller overhead.  This is also an excellent way to advertise the cafe and generate traffic.  Casinos have offers as well but on a different scale.  They will send offers through the mail if you are a rewards member.  Other offers include hotel discounts, group discounts and other discounts for their retail stores, restaurants and entertainment packages.

In a casino you have to select the machine that you wish to play.  If it is busy you can’t play that machine and have to wait until someone leaves.  In an internet cafe generally, all computers offer the same games so you can switch games without leaving your seat.

Casinos have a better chance of winning large jackpots into the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on what type of gambler you are.  The returns are much better in a casino than an internet cafe.  Internet cafes are mainly designed for the lower stakes player who wants an evening out without spending a lot of money.

The average amount of money needed to play at a sweepstakes cafe is about $20.00.  The cafe’s I’ve visited give extra points on at least that amount of money.  Some have 10 for 10 promotions with restrictions.  If you are going to a casino, you can’t play long with $20.00  and there are no daily offers of extra points.  You need to bring more money to casino to be able to play for a while.

The biggest advantage of casinos is that they have table games and some have horse racing and greyhound racing.  Those who understand the table games are able to buy in and place their bets with a live card dealer. Internet cafes don’t offer this service.  If they have the software computerized table games are available like poker, keno and bingo.

At present, internet cafes can allow players to be 18 or older.  In a casino, you have to be 21 to play.

Casinos outside of Nevada are limited to where they can build and how many in the state, if they can build any at all.  At present internet cafes are allowed to operate depending on the local, county and state legislation and restrictions.

Casinos are also designed to host large conventions, family reunions and other major events and bring big revenue to a city as a whole not only by hiring employees but also by contributing to the tax base.  Casinos are also attractive for international business.   Casinos also have a dramatic effect on other major industries such as airlines, retail, entertainment, restaurants and gas. Internet cafes are designed for community or local participants and generate revenue to the neighborhood where they are located.

In a casino, the denomination of that particular slot machine is set.  If it is a penny machine, then it does not change.  There are certain machines in a casino that now offer the same game with different denominations.  You must choose the denomination up front before playing the game.  Internet sweepstakes games are more flexible by allowing you to choose which denomination you want to play but you must be careful to find out if there is a minimum amount that you must play to be eligible for a larger jackpot.

If you are with a group and go to a casino and you are out of money, you have to sit around and wait for the rest of the group.  This can be frustrating when you are out of money and have nothing to do.  If you are at an internet cafe that’s set up right, you can play games on the internet or surf the internet after you are finished playing.



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