Posted by: mistyp0079 | January 4, 2011

Jackpot Johnnie Mae’s tips on low budget internet sweepstakes (and casino) play

I know many of you that have read my blog are wondering how is this unemployed woman traveling from state to state, internet cafe and casino hopping.  This woman must be independently wealthy or have a stash of unlimited cash in the coffer.  I’m an accountant by trade and stingy to the core but disciplined when it comes to spending money.  In this blog, I’m going to tell you how to have fun without spending your entire paycheck.

Start with a budget and stick with it.  Coming up with a budget is relatively easy.  Set aside a certain amount of money each payday specifically for pleasure play.  Pick a certain day of the week or day of the month to play.  If you are a weekly player, pick a day that an internet cafe has the best value for your phone time.  If you are a monthly player, try to pick a day of the month where an additional sweepstakes event is taking place such as a drawing for a TV, trips, etc.  This increases your chances of winning additional sweepstakes jackpots or drawings.

Save up to play if you want to spend a larger amount of money.  If you are going to a casino, I wouldn’t recommend going with less than $50.00 -$100.00.  It also depends on your objectives.  If you want to be entertained for a while, look into the penny machines that only have 20 or 30 lines.  Be careful because some penny machines can have play up to 180 lines which is $1.80 per play. 

Ask about the rules about getting into larger jackpots.  Some internet cafes have a minimum play that will get you into the bonus round.  Make sure you understand the rules and ask questions.  Knowledgeable cafe employees will give you the information you need to enjoy your play.  It is your dollar and you want to have fun.

Time your spending against the time you will be there.  If you plan to be there for three hours and have $30.00 that’s roughly $10.00 per hour.  Get up and walk around, surf the internet, get a soft drink, take a break and then continue to play.  If you are pressured to be playing at all times when the cafe is not busy and there’s no waiting list, then find another cafe to frequent.

Quit when your budget is gone whether it takes 20 minutes or 2 hours.  This is where the discipline comes in to play.  You want your experience to be enjoyable and a reason to return.  Blowing your budget can cause undue stress and damper your entertainment experience.

Play at an internet cafe that is close to home or if transportation is an issue, carpool with friends to your favorite place.  If your budget is blown and your friends aren’t finished playing, take advantage of surfing the internet or watching TV.  Many cafes have large screen TV’s that have the latest sporting event playing or the news. 

If you hit big or are well ahead of your initial investment play, cash out and play a smaller amount.  This will keep you from being disappointed or upset if you dwindle your large windfall to nothing.  You can always reinvest your windfall in smaller increments.  This will also help you keep track of how well you’re doing.

Keep your composure on big winnings because the crime element is everywhere.  Ask about the policy on winnings.  If the internet cafe posts winnings, request they post after you leave.  If female, request security walk you to your car at night whether you win or not.



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